thinAir sport is an adaptive high altitude training programme
designed to maximise sporting performance.

Altitude Training for sports benefits is not new - the Russians pioneered the use of altitude systems to improve the performance of many of their top athletes. Today it is more widely used by individuals wanting the competitive edge.

Traditionally, only elite athletes that could afford to go and live and train at altitude have benefited. thinAir sport has brought the science and technology of altitude training together to make this exciting product available to everyone.

  • - Improved speed and increased power
  • - Improved stamina and endurance
  • - Improved lung function
  • - Improved clearance and buffering of lactate
  • - Improved aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
  • - Reduced recovery times and fatigue
  • - Improved breathing control
  • - Maintenance of fitness during injury periods
  • - Improved recovery times from operations
  • - Reduce exercise and resting heart rate

Studies show that by using altitude training improvements of 4-6% are common. Depending on your current level of fitness, you may get more or less. But even 3% improvement translates to huge competitive margins:

  • - 12 meters per lap on a standard outdoor running track,
  • - more than 50 yards in a mile run,
  • - one and a half body lengths in a 100-meter swim,
  • - more than one kilometer in a 35k cycling time trial, or
  • - more than 3/4 mile in a marathon!
MY EXPERIENCE OF thinAir sport

Mikel Arteta

Premier League Footballer - Arsenal FC

"I used it at home when I was injured and now I use it all year round. Itís unlike anything else, it really works."

Matt Diskin

Super League Player - Bradford Bulls

"I began using the pod when I was injured. It really did adapt to my body and gave me a hard workout. I felt much fitter when returning to training so I have carried on using it. It does make a difference to your performance."

John Mayo


"...I would wholeheartedly recommend that any prospective trekker or mountaineer uses the thinAir sport System prior to exercising at altitude - it certainly makes a big difference."

Amy Barnes

Group fitness Manager, Les Mills

"...altitude simulation training is awesome - the program gives me the energy to instruct three group fitness classes a day... ...and be ready to charge the next day..."

Alex Buckingham

GB Biathlon Skier

"...After being told about thinAir sport I knew I had to try it for myself. Being a biathlon skier I used thinAir sport firstly to cope with the altitude, but mainly to enhance my training and performance. I was genuinely surprised at the improvement of my gym performance, not only in the cardio room, but using weights too. However, my biggest improvement was definitely my recovery time, as soon as I have stopped Iím ready to go again..."